Ever wonder what the back of our facility looks like?

This is where you and your pet(s) will check in. You might even catch some playful pups behind the desk, or an animal up for adoption in the adoption cage. Feel free to bring us your favorite pics of your pets so that we can display them on our cork board.

Cat Exam Room
This is the room where one of our doctors will do an exam on your kitty.

Dog Exam Room
In this room is where one of the Doctors will examine your dog.

Exam Room 2
This is an extra exam room we use when we need to for any animal.

Here is where we fill medications for your pets.

Lab Station
At our lab station is where we run blood-work or urinalysis.

Treatment Room
In our treatment room the doctor will examine patients who have been dropped off or those who are about to go into surgery. This is also where we do dental procedures.

Surgery & Surgery-Prep
Here is our surgery room where our doctors perform surgeries, and our surgery prep area, where anesthesia is calculated and instruments are prepped and sterilized.

Isolation & ICU
Isolation is where any contagious patients are kept. ICU is where surgery and hospital patients recover.